Let Them See You

From the moment I started Stroller Strides, I loved that our children got to watch us exercise. I loved that they could see that it was part of our daily lives and that we enjoyed our physical fitness.

Last night I realized that my kids may be missing some of the things that I want to pass on. For instance, I meditate every single morning before they wake. It's great for me but they have no idea that I do this. Last night, I added an extra meditation because I was feeling stressed. Rachel walked in on me and asked what I was doing. "Can I try it mama?" Of course my answer was yes. She and I lay side by side, listening to my favorite app ( and we relaxed together. It ended with a great big smile.

I was reminded that we need to live on purpose and we need to let them see us doing so. Invite them to join you for your run or bike. Workout together as a family. Journal, scrapbook, write in a gratitude notebook. Let them see you take 10 minutes to yourself. Imagine how you would like your children to live their adult lives and then live it. On purpose. In front of them.

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