4 week running schedule for beginners

I've Resolved To Run

So this is nothing new for me, I have resolved to do fitness-related things many times before. But this time I asked my friend Farel, who happens to be the National Fitness Director at FIT4MOM, to make a little running schedule for me. It is basic and easy to follow, which I love. I am not naturally a runner. I get bored and winded pretty quickly. So why the obsession with running?? Well, I need more cardio for sure. Running is very efficient in that regard. It is also free, I can do it anywhere and I can take my kiddos with me. I also love getting outside. Breathing fresh, cool air while listening to motivating music is a great way for me to clear my head. Oh and I got really cute running shoes for Christmas, ha ha so I guess that is a motivating factor too! Any runners out there? Please share your tips, tricks or what motivates you!!

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