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Inspiring Our Kids

I was recently at the IDEA World Conference where my friend and colleague Jay Blahnik did an amazing talk about living an extraordinary life. I could do many blog posts inspired from this talk alone. In it, he shared a video that moved us all.

I have attached it for you to view. It occurred to me that we can use technology and sites like youtube and Pinterest to support us in parenting. Messages can be so much more powerful and the impact so much stronger. While the internet can be a drain of our children's time (and brain), it can be also a place to inspire, empower and teach. There is so much good out there. We just need to be charged up once in awhile and have our heart touched. So consider, seeking out inspiring works from others that may have a positive impact on your family. Please do share your favorite videos and pinterest pics that you feel could touch others!

Jason McElwain

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