Healthy Snacks from Stonyfield and Organic Valley

Healthy snacks on the go!

It can be tough to fit a healthy snack into a busy daily routine – especially in the summer when your family is always on the move. And between day camp, the family vacation, outdoor trips, swimming, and summer sports leagues, time is short, and nutrition and hydration are more important than ever to keep on-the-go kids healthy and active.

At Organic Valley and Stonyfield we’re here to help! We understand because we’re parents, too, and nothing comes before the health and happiness of our kids. So we’ve created healthy, organic snacks in super-handy packaging to help you keep up with your kids’ nutrition and hydration needs.

It’s also why we use all-organic practices on our family farms and we care for our cows with the highest organic standards - no harsh chemicals; no hormones; no dangerous pesticides. That way you can care for your full-scheduled family, worry-free.

Take delicious YoBaby and YoToddler yogurts from Stonyfield. Each convenient, yummy four-ounce package provides a serving of nutritious whole milk with the fat babies need for healthy development. And every serving of YoBaby provides at least 25% of your baby’s daily needs for calcium, protein, and vitamin D. YoBaby even comes in smoothies – perfect to pack up in a sippy cup before you hit the road. YoToddler is made with whole milk, too and has added omega-3 DHA in every cup to support brain, eye, and nerve development.

For hydration with a delicious dairy twist, check out Organic Valley’s regular and chocolate milk—no refrigeration necessary. Just chill it and drink it, whenever, wherever. It’s called “shelf stable,” and moms who have come to rely on its convenience call it a life-saver. Did you know studies at Indiana University have shown chocolate milk is one of the very best post-exercise recovery drinks? Pop a few into your bag, so they’re always at hand near the finish line. And maybe add in a couple for mom and dad’s nutritious recovery refreshment, too.

You know it’s always the same terrific Organic Valley milk from the grass-fed cows on our famous pastures. Talk about tasty balance: convenience, shelf-life, nutrition, smiles.

Be on the watch for select Stroller Strides franchise locations handing out sampling packets with Organic Valley shelf stable milk and coupons for Stonyfield YoToddler organic yogurt. Try some today, and drop us a line on Facebook or our websites to say hey to the world’s best cows.

Article contribution courtesy of Organic Valley and Stonyfield

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