Happy Half Year!

Happy Half Year! Yes, it's officially 6 months in to 2014! Amazing right? So, how are those resolutions going? If you're on track, please share how you are doing it. For most, we find ourselves missing the target. It's really no wonder. I'm guessing that you set your sights on some pretty big goals. Most of us try to do too much, too hard, too fast. Why do we expect ourselves to eliminate whole food groups or completely change our exercise routine and have success? Success comes not from a quantum leap but instead from baby steps made every day.

One of my new favorite books is The Slight Edge (not a new book, just new for me). The author gives a great example of compound interest. If you were offered $1,000,000 (one million dollars) right now, or a penny a day, doubled each day, for one month, which would you choose? Unless you've read this illustration before, like most people, you'll probably choose the right-now million. But you'd be making the wrong choice. One penny, doubled every day for a month adds up to $10,737,418...and 24 cents. Compound interest.

Someone isn't overweight from one giant meal. It is the culmination of small choices made every single day that contribute to obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and the such. But those small choices can work in your favor too.

Stop trying to make a dramatic change. Just make a slight choice better from the day before. Every time you have a decision to make, ask yourself how you can better it by one degree. If you were to improve just .003 (3/10th of 1%) per day, you would improve 100% in one year!

So, today is a new day. How are you going to finish 2014? My hope is that you commit to .003 better than yesterday. 95% of people will fail at their grand resolutions. How about this year you go after the slight edge?

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