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Friday Fitness with Farel: You Were Made to Move!

Like many FIT4MOM kids, my children have been raised to move...they learned, very early on, how joyful it was to be active. Being inactive was "punishment" in their sweet little heads. So when a PE teacher at their school (who was probably just doing what she had been taught-no judgment) started using running laps as a punishment for talking during their lesson, it was both confusing and a huge bummer! They said, "Mom, we LOVE to run but now we are just sent away to lap the field and it is changing the way we feel".

You see, we are made to move. It is not drudgery. It is not a burden.

It is a privilege.

When we see our bodies as a gift which (in whatever capacity) can move, we can approach exercise as part of this gift of life. So find what moves YOU; walk, run, jump, hike, swim, bike...and then enjoy the GIFT of MOVEMENT!

P.S. My girls spoke to their PE teacher and suggested a different approach; the kids now have to sit out of the game as punishment. INactivity = punishment #winning

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