Friday Fitness with Farel: "You Can't Shoot A Cannon From A Canoe" (Chek)

Think about that quote or concept for a moment. The force of the cannon dissipates when the structure it is being fired from isn't stable or strong. This concept has a direct parallel to our core strength when life asks us to move with power. Motherhood is a very physically reactive role; we are asked to pick up, hold, carry and chase down our children - all day...every day! These tasks require strength and power to be effective. Think back to that canoe concept; if our core strength or stability is comprised, the power of our motherhood movements dissipates. Our foundational strength allows for us to move with more power and success.

The simplest way to add strength to ALL of your "mommy movements" is to start with a stable base by contracting your abdominals to create that powerful structure to move from. You will be surprised by the difference this makes in the energy you feel as you move through your day!

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