Friday Fitness with Farel: Plie Through Your Day!

There are only a matter of days left in the March Squat Challenge! Here are some ideas on how to get in your squats as you move through your world...Think through a typical day and count how many times you hip hinge to do something; picking up your child, picking up a laundry basket, loading the dishwasher, placing something in a low drawer, watering a plant, etc. The number of times we hinge forward at the hips to perform daily tasks is crazy! This movement, over time, can lead to back pain and injury. What if, for a day (or even an hour), you did these tasks in a plie squat instead? Stay with me on this…

What is a plie squat? Place your feet out wide with your feet and knees pointing out at an angle. Bend your knees and lower down, keeping them stacked over your ankles at the lowest point of the squat. This movement gets your torso lower without hinging at the hips, giving your back a rest. The bonus: great exercise for the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes!

It’s a great way to strengthen your lower body in everyday tasks!

P.S. If you decide to take this technique out in public, let me know how that goes (even take a picture). It would be a great conversation starter!

March Squat Challenge...Home Stretch!

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