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Friday Fitness with Farel: My Top 3 Baby Wearing Fitness Tips

Moms and Dads,

There are so many reasons for wearing your baby, especially soon after they are born; the comfort they feel pressed against your body, feeling your warmth and the beating of your heart is beautiful! Dr. Sears’ research shows babies being more content and thereby tending to learn more, for example. But, what about when you exercise...Is it safe to wear your baby then?

While it is ok, here are 3 tips to keep both you, and your baby, safe when exercising when wearing them:

1. Pick a secure carrier - One that is stable for your baby and safe for your back. Look for minimal baby movement when you are in motion AND adequate upper and lower back support for you. While "wraps" and "slings" are wonderful ways to wear your baby throughout your day, they aren't advised when you are working out with them. Each carrier will also fit you differently, so try a bunch on!

2. Modify your routine - When wearing your baby, movements need to remain low impact. It's important for both your, and your baby's, safety that there are no jarring movements like running and jumping. Also, be hyper-aware of the contraction in your core. Supporting your spine with your abdominal musculature will reduce the risk of injury when that added baby weight is against your torso. Finally, be mindful of what movements you are performing when baby is on your front vs. on your back. Your baby's safety is of the utmost importance and wearing them facing towards your body is the best position.

3. Be careful of the heat - Our bodies are naturally warm and when you wear your baby, that heat increases exponentially! Stay hydrated, wear evaporative clothing (both you and baby) and be "shade chasers" when exercising outside.

The optimal way to workout is with your baby in the stroller, lending the experience to allow more movement freedom for you and protection for your baby. If your baby gets too fussy and your entertaining isn't working anymore, however, wear that kiddo and keep exercising...with these safety tips in mind.

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