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Friday Fitness with Farel: Love is Right Next to you!

Happy Valentine's Day! Clearly this is a holiday which has a very strong romantic (and commercial) connection. I want to challenge that this year and give you a new perspective. Love can have it's place in EVERY aspect of your life...and not just on one day. FIT4MOM classes across the country will have Partner or Couple's workouts in celebration of this holiday, however, there is more to love than being in a romantic relationship. The village of women who consistent "show up" in your life are your partners. The children at your side while you transform yourself in each workout are your partners. Your mom, cousin, aunt, sister who cheer you on from afar are your partners. Your partner doesn't have to be just a significant other, it can be the woman you find standing next to you doing bicep curls in class! LOVE isn't only looking into each other's eyes, it's also looking in the same direction.

Look around at the team of people who "have your back", supporting you and loving you along the way. Recognize how many are looking in the same direction as you and celebrate ALL THAT LOVE. Today and everyday.

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