Friday Fitness with Farel: It's Mom-Me Time!

A "Friday Fitness" blog about relaxing?!? Heck ya! On so many levels, the time you spend on yourself; decompressing, relaxing and relieving stress is crucial...

  • For Your Mind: Taking a pause to read a little, dance a little, meditate a little, resets your thoughts and creates focus
  • For Your Body: Time spent on physical recovery prepares your muscles to perform even further in your next workout.
  • For Your Heart: When you carve out time (note: it's about making time, not finding it) to "feed" your heart, you feel filled, grounded and at peace.

Take this month of May, Mother's Day Month, to practice incorporating a little bit of Mom-Me time each day. Our hope is that it is something you decide to practice every day, every month and every year. You need it. You never know who else in your life will be inspired to make time for themselves because of you!

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