Friday Fitness with Farel: Holiday Weekend Workout

The time is upon us! Festivities, fun and...FOOD! This is your game plan for the weekend. Add these three exercises in each day and notice how you find yourself getting "mind right" as a result of your workouts. Often times, when you make the time for a few simple, yet effective, exercises in your day, you begin making better choices.

1. Crunch with Chest Press - Core strength PLUS shoulder and chest benefits. (use tubing or weights)

2. Staggered Burpee - Cardio and core strength with the instability of the staggered stance.

3. Forward Curtsy with Biceps & Triceps - Combine great lower body strength with a challenge for both the biceps and triceps. (use tubing or weights)

Do these three exercises each day this weekend to fire up both your body and mind! Make decisions that have you feeling proud once the weekend ends!

Crunch with Chest Press

Staggered Burpee

Forward Curtsy with Biceps and Triceps

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