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Fitness Friday with Farel: Stoke Your Fire

It's not a debate anymore, it's REAL - Good nutrition AND fitness must go together to gain the results you want, holistically! Your physical results are directly affected by whether you fuel your body or punish your body with food. The biggest mistake I see a lot of people make is that they let too much time go by without eating. What needs to be understood is that good food acts as a catalyst to a powerful metabolism.

To drive this point home more, let's use the analogy of building a fire. You need to start with some basics to get the fire going (let's call this "breakfast"), to keep the fire burning additional attention, like wood and oxygen, needs to be paid to it ("snacks") see the pattern? If we were to walk away and just let the fire on its own, it would slow down and stop. When we walk away from fueling our bodies, our metabolism slows and you end up not getting the results you want in your body. Fitness and nutrition go hand-in hand. It's a basic, yet, often missed concept. Here is how it can look:


Snack 2-3 hours later: an apple and a handful of almonds


Snack 2-3 hours later: Plain yogurt with a handful of blueberries


Set an alarm on your watch or phone, "Snack Time"! Remind yourself to STOKE YOUR METABOLIC FIRE!

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