FIT4MOM Word Of The Month: Community

When I started Stroller Strides nearly 13 years ago, I was searching for a community. Yes, we are a fitness program for moms. But I truly needed to find my village. I lost connection with many of my work friends when I became a mom, but that wasn't really a community. I guess I had never belonged to a community. I was always the kid who never quite fit in to the "clicks" and never found that place where I belonged. But as a new mom, I felt this need to be a part of something. I wanted to create a community for all moms.

What does community mean to you? Yes, it's the place where you live. But what does it mean to you to have a close knit bond with other moms? To me, our FIT4MOM community is a place where we can embrace each other. It's a place where we can celebrate the milestones of our children and support each other through the challenges of motherhood. No matter what location you go to (Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides or Body Back), it is my hope that you will find your community, your tribe. We want our community to be welcoming to all women at every stage of motherhood. You don't have to worry about "clicks" or not fitting in because everyone of you fit in and belong in our community. We always hear that it takes a village. We want to be that village for you. So come to us to get in great shape and to have fun with your baby. But stay with us because we can be the community that will embrace you!

So call it a tribe.

Call it a village.

Call it your community.

Call it your family.

Whatever you call it,

Whoever you are,

We are here for you!

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