Family Meeting: Focus On Generosity

In my family, we have a family meeting every Monday night. With two working parents and busy kids, it is essential that we communicate and coordinate. We keep notes in a journal which I believe will be a great keep sake one day. As part of the family meeting, we have a word of the week of focus on. To make it fun, we play hangman so the kids can guess the word.

This week's word was generosity. The take away's were inspired by my friend Jay Blahnik's speech on living an extraordinary life.

We shared with our kids that there are many ways to be generous.

1. Be generous with your time even when it's hard to do. It's your most valuable commodity. We talked about the importance of giving your time to someone. Jake volunteered in his sister's class that day so that was a great example. Mom and Dad stopping work to play a game is one of the best gifts we can give our kids.

2. Be generous with your talent. Help out where you have the ability. Examples here ranged from teaching a friend how to make a lanyard bracelet to mommy volunteering in class to teach fitness.

3. Share our treasure - give. For this one, I sat with a big bowl of candy (a shocker to see in my house). I asked my kids how they felt if I kept it all to myself. "Bad" they said. Then I gave them each a piece. I asked them if it was really generous if I only shared a piece or two. I had so many I wouldn't really miss it. "No" they said. "It's not generous if you won't miss it." So, I shared my treasure and it made them happy and made me feel good to share. I explained that to truly be generous, we need to give more than is easy to give.

4. Be generous with your text. I shared that being generous with their written words can bring great joy and costs you nothing. Write kind words in a phone text, write a letter or leave a love note. Write a word of love on the mirror to your kids and it will make their day.

5. Be generous with your talk. Have you said what you need to say? Our words are so powerful. I want my kids to be purposeful in using kind words and making others feel good. So we talked about when was the last time that they said something to make someone's day? Could they perhaps call their grandparents just to say "I love you."

6. Be generous with your touch. This is the best! We shared the importance of a good hug, a held hand and a touch on the back. It makes everyone feel good, young or old, big or small.

Each night, we are asking the kids about how they were generous this week. It warms my heart and I hope that maybe, just maybe it will have an impact. Thank you Jay for inspiring my family. I hope this posts inspires you!

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