Failed Resolutions?

Before you run off to plan 2013 did you do on the ones you set in 2012? How many times do we set the same goals only to have to re-write them again the following year? Some may decide to throw resolutions out thinking they are a waste of time. They are not. You just need to learn from the past so you don't make the same mistakes. Here are 5 tips to make your 2013 New Year's Resolutions stick!

1. Be careful about getting too excited.

Believe it or not, your brain gets happy thinking about the desired result of the goal and almost takes the pressure off you to complete it. Instead, you need to think about all of the obstacles that will get in the way of your goal so that you have a plan to overcome your challenges.

2. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Make a master list of everything that you would like to accomplish. Now look again. Circle the items that have the least resistance and highest reward for you. Are those realistic to accomplish in the next year? Would you have been happy had you accomplished those this year? Choose just a few things and totally commit to them.

3. Break it down.

Once you have selected your goals for 2013, break them down in to bite size pieces. Success begets success so each time you accomplish a step you'll be more likely to accomlish the next. Spread out the steps throughout your calendar. You want to have traction all year long, not just in January.

4. Stay motivated.

It's easy to get all pumped up January 1 just to find yourself back in the grind a few months later. Get very clear on what is motivating you to accomplish your goal. Maybe create a vision board. Post it somewhere that will continue to inspire you. Companies spend tons of money to advertise to you so why don't you advertise to yourself. The back of a bathroom door or a refridgerator door are good places!

5. Measure your success.

What gets measured gets done. If you want to lose weight, track it. Regular measurement helps keep you focused. Plus numbers can't lie. If you want to get stronger, track how much you can lift. If you want to put more money in your savings, track it.

Make this the year that you succeed. I think that's the best part of a resolution. It's making a commitment to not be stagnant, to keep learning and to keep growing.

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