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Early To Rise Mom

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a mom healthy, wealthy and wise."

Every mom I know tells me that what they want more of is time. Well, as far as I know we all have the same 24 hours and no one has figured out how to add more to the clock. However, I do have a way that will truly give you more time. Not only will you have more, but it will be the best, most productive, most creative hour(s) of your day.

It's time to wake up early. How early? Well that just depends on your family but ideally an hour to two hours before the rest of your family wakes up. (If you are a brand new mom who is still sleep deprived then please hold off on this challenge. You are still in survival mode!) However, if you are sleeping through the night then this could totally work for you.

My alarm goes off every single day at 4:45 in the morning. My morning routine starts with WPM (wake, pee, meditate). Oh wait, put some coffee in before meditation. After that, I get in time for email and for my writing. The best part is that it's the only time of the entire day that is totally mine. There are no disruptions. It gives me the "magic time" where I can set the tone for my day. I feel like I am taking on the day instead of letting it take me.

Do I like waking up so early? Heck no. I can sleep in just as well as the next mom. Just this morning I actually considered going back to bed. But I quickly remembered that I would still feel tired when I did have to get up and I would regret not having the time to myself. Of course, you need to make sure that you do the early to bed part too. I realized a long time ago that the only things that filled my late nights were bad reality television so I wouldn't miss much if I went to bed at 9:00. You cannot do this if you are skimping on sleep! Sufficient sleep is a necessity for good health.

So I challenge you... for the next month. Get up 1 hour earlier than you normally do. Take a picture of your clock and prove to me that you really did get up early! Then tell me what you did with your time. I can pretty much guarantee that you will be amazed at the result!

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