Creating A Baby Safe World

Something about motherhood makes us just raw to the world. It makes us see opportunities to be kinder and possibilities to create a safer world. We realize quite quickly upon becoming a mom how many things may be unsafe for our baby and for our world.

I remember opening up the bag of goodies that the hospital gave me (who doesn't like free goodies?) and being astounded at how many products were not safe for my baby. They gave me a popular brand of baby shampoo that had formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxan. They gave me an ample supply of formula samples which I resented as I wanted to nurse. The ingredients included processed sugars and synthetic ingredients. My girlfriend told me to throw out the plastic bottles that I had purchased because they had bpa in them. Sadly, my baby was exposed to hundreds of chemicals before he even left the womb. Isn't being a new mom overwhelming enough?

I realized I needed to take a deep breath. I found some great resources like Drgreene.com and Healthy Child Healthy World. I learned that I couldn't do everything but I could start to make steps to doing something. Here are a few tips that I recommend for creating a baby safe world.

1) Go organic. Find trusted brands that are committed to safe health and will keep GMO's and artificial ingredients away from your family. Keep your meat products hormone and antibiotic free.

2) Go natural. Find natural products / ingredients to clean your home and to put on your body. Toxic in, toxic out.

3) Keep your space safe. Keep shoes outside as they can bring in harmful pesticides that are on grass. Have lots of indoor plants which help reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen.

You can't do everything all at once. Just keep educating yourself and making small steps to a healthier environment for you and your baby. There is a huge movement of moms demanding non toxic foods and products for our families. With our support, we can drive these companies to offer products that only help us not harm us. We are moms on a mission. And together, we are unstoppable!

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