Create Your Peaceful Space

Take a moment and imagine your most peaceful place. Where would you be? A lake, the beach, a meadow? What sounds would you hear? What would it smell like?

Now, think about your home or office. Does it bring you peace? Or does it make you think of the chaos that fills your day? Why not create all of your spaces to be a peaceful place?

You don't have control of everything in your life, but you do have control of your environment. I don't mean a fancy home or an elaborate office. But you can bring elements of your peaceful place in to your every day.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Get rid of the clutter. Clutter adds to chaos and reminds you of unfinished business.

2) Bring in nature. What items could you bring in that make you think of your peaceful place? A plant? A fountain? A rock?

3) Add inspiration. Surround yourself with quotes, pictures, books that inspire you. I have chalkboards in multiple rooms of my home and office so that I can put up new quotes.

When I designed our Fit4Mom offices, I wanted to make sure that each employee and guest felt inspired. There isn't a room in it that doesn't have quotes, candles and the such. When you walk in, it's my hope that you take an exhale.

P.S. The Inspirational Wall in this picture was just added to our offices. It was designed by my good friend Jennifer Cox who owns There, you can have a moms night out with your friends, drink a glass of wine and create a piece of art on your own. San Diego moms, you must check it out!

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