Confidently Create Your Unique Parenting Style

If your pregnant and reading this, I’m going to give you a fair warning. You will most likely change the way you think you’re going to parent when you actually become a parent. I had so many great intentions on what type of mother I was going to be when I was pregnant... but as soon as I brought baby home, I realized she had her own style, her own needs.

Now, I'm not saying bringing home baby made all my great intentions created during pregnancy up and vanish. But what I’m saying is as new moms, new parents, we need to adjust accordingly to what’s best for our baby and our family.

If you're a brand new mom with your brand new baby, you're most likely teetering back and forth from what you said you wanted to do when you were pregnant versus what you really want to do right now that can alleviate some of the chaos and exhaustion from your daily life.

It's important to learn your unique parenting style once you become a parent. Because all too often we judge ourselves and our style against those in society, whether it be neighbors, friends, celebrities or family. We see how they're doing this whole parenting thing and vow to NEVER do that with our kids. Or we compare and make ourselves feel unworthy when we can't seem to live up to whatever style they're portraying.

However, with all judgement aside... when thinking about your parenting style, we all need to remember one thing.


As long as your style comes from a place of love. And your intentions are well intended, stemming from the love you have for your child. You'll be okay. I promise.

I think as new moms we try really hard. We try really hard to do things right and if we think we're doing something wrong, we try even harder to do it better and hide what we're afraid is wrong. When in all reality we need to embrace our uniqueness. Embrace our mistakes. Embrace our experiences and gain confidence in discovering our OWN parenting style.

So put down the books, log off the baby sites and look within. What's important to you? What will help add some peace to your daily life? And at the end of the day, what will demonstrate your unique love to your unique child?


Katie O’Brien is a Certified Professional Coach and the owner of KAO Coaching, the life coaching practice designed for moms by a mom, helping women thrive and shine throughout their mommyhood journey.

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