Chiros Moment For Mom

Time. We are always asking for more of it. We measure it in seconds, minutes, hours. A new mom measures it between nursing sessions. Older moms measure it with school hours. We measure it from Monday to Friday, year to year. But no matter how we measure it, we are always asking for more.

Maybe it's time that we start asking for better quality time rather than more. Time as described above is Chronos time. It is man made. It is the tick of the clock and the day on a calendar. Chronos time is often a pressure, a burden, a challenge. There is another way to look at time. Chiros time is often considered "God's" time or your internal time; when time stops and we live in the moment. It is measured in depth of feeling. It is that moment when time stands still when you connect with your baby, dance with your daughter or stand in awe of the sunset. It is when we are truly absorbed in what we are doing. We are energized. We are relaxed.

I invite every mom, at every stage, to carve out just a few moments of Chiros time each day. It can be as simple as sitting with a cup of tea and truly absorbing yourself in the smell, the taste and the feeling as it enters your body. It can be a meditation, a prayer or a cuddle with your child. You are in Chiros time when you are truly focused on just one experience and aren't thinking about what's next. Chiros time will recharge you. It will ground you to the importance of your life and slow down the pace. The more often you tap in to it, the easier it is to find. In fact, when it becomes part of your daily ritual, you may find that you no longer needs to ask for that other kind of time!

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