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Build Healthy Habits From The Start

Many people would be surprised to find out how early our nutritional habits begin. Research shows that a baby’s “taste” for certain foods can begin even in the womb. For this reason, you want to eat a variety of healthy foods during your pregnancy and avoid sugars, salts and processed foods. Those same “tastes” develop as your baby enjoys your breast milk. Research also suggests that breastfed babies may be less picky eaters as kids (and into adulthood) than formula-fed infants, especially if their moms eat a balanced diet while nursing.

Many new moms are not sure what foods to feed baby when they start eating solid foods. So, they turn to processed baby foods and children’s menus. A study of more than 3,000 kids under age 2 found that large numbers of babies and toddlers have already developed an appetite for hot dogs, french fries, candy, and soda. This is very disconcerting considering that a child’s food preferences will set in the first three years of life.

If you are a new mom, start on the right foot! Check out resources such as Dr. Alan Greene's book, Feeding Baby Green. Choose products that you can trust such as those from Plum Organics, Stoneyfield and Organic Valley.

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