Being Plugged In Isn't All That Bad

I am often reminding you to "unplug"; turn off your smart phone and connect to real life. I try to encourage you to be present in your day and to disconnect from the your addiction to social media, texts and the craving to be constantly connected. But today, I'm here to say that our smartphones aren't all bad. In fact, here are 5 ways that my iphone has improved my life. I guess another title for this blog post may be "Some of my favorite apps".

1. For me, without a doubt, it is the ability to stay connected to my Fit4Mom business even when I'm not in the office. I do believe in having purposeful time with my family but it is very nice to be able to join a web call during their practice or check email when out and about. I use google hangout, skype and gmail.

2. Many apps are definitely adding relaxation to my life. My favorites include for meditation, Spotify for music and Pinterest for inspiration.

3. My iphone has helped me with my productivity and timeliness. My calendars are synched. I can keep notes and everything digital organized using Evernote. I can keep my tasks organized using Nozbe. And I can keep my grocery list organized with Our Groceries. And I think it's pretty cool that I can manage my business from Front Desk.

4. Without a doubt, I love the fitness aspect of my Smart Phone. I track my runs with the NikeRun App. I give to charity during my runs with CharityMiles. I have dabbled with food and movement apps like LoseIt and FitBit. And I use Tabata Pro in my Body Back classes.

5. I am a learning junky. I wish I loved to learn this much when I was younger. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to podcasts through iTunes or books on I can read blogs that I have stored on Pocket and books on iBooks.

With my phone, I am never alone and never bored. I can look up virtually anything my kids want to know and I have no excuse for getting lost. I cannot imagine my life now without this device. HOWEVER, I am very aware that this phone is not my life. I must be very purposeful to put it down, turn it off and to live with real human touch and interaction.

So...what are your favorite apps and things you do with your phone?

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