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At The End Of Your Life

Yes, I'm fully aware that this doesn't sound like the most uplifting of topics. But I think it's one of the most powerful ways to look at your life. I do it regularly as I realize how finite our time here is. At the end of your life, how do you want to be remembered. Since we are about moms, how do you want to be remembered as a mom? What do you want your kids to say about you? Feel about you? Do you think you are on track for that kind of eulogy?

At the end of your life, you will ask yourself if you are proud of how you lived? You will look back at how you played the cards that you were dealt. You will reminisce on the places you discovered and the relationships that you built. You will remember the obstacles that you overcame and the struggles that you conquered. And I'm guessing you will wonder what kind of legacy you left behind.

We must be careful as so much of our lives today have nothing to do with any of that. You won't remember how many email you sorted through or how many facebook friends you had. You won't be proud of that laundry that you conquered rather than sitting on the floor playing with your kids. You won't look back fondly to the times that you blamed or complained. And in fact, you might look back to realize that you didn't leave the kind of legacy that you had hoped.

Life is very uncertain. Sorry to be a downer, but tomorrow could be a last day. Today could be. It's not about being perfect. It's about handling life's challenges with some grace. It's about living on purpose. It's about getting back up when you fall down. It's about hugging deeply and loving purely. Family. Friends. Taking care of yourself. Forgiveness. Taking chances. Paying it forward. These are the things you can do right here and now to live a life without regrets.

Our time with our children is so incredibly small. Our chance to have an impact on their lives is fleeting. Live by design not default. Wake up each day and reflect on your purpose and your passions. This is the time. Right here and now. Be you. Love. Laugh. Create your legacy!

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