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Ask Lisa: How do I get healthy when my family is not supportive?

Great question! The rest of this question mentioned that her husband didn't want to eat "bird food" and that her kids aren't happy with what she makes when she eats healthy.

Ok, let's get in to it. If you are eating foods from our Body Back food journal, they are all real food and not bird food as you say. In fact, the majority of the recipes are what I make for my family. Don't put your family on a diet. Just get them (and you) eating healthier whole foods.

For your hubby...remember, that he didn't ask to change and may be questioning why you are. Don't force him to eat what you are eating or to change his ways if he is not ready. Do let him know that it's important to you and how to support YOU. Ask him not to tempt you with foods or pressure you to make unhealthy choices. Maybe let him know how helpful it would be if he didn't indulge in front of you.

For your kids...It's a gift for them to get them eating healthy. We don't want them being raised on processed kids foods. Try to give them healthy choices. Don't force them to eat anything but also don't be a short order cook. In my opinion, you only need to make one dinner. Don't make different foods for different family members. Of course, you may make adjustments for allergies or if something is too spicy.

Try to get your family excited about lots of new food choices. Keep your kitchen stocked with good foods and no one will feel deprived. Eat with your family! Kids who eat with their family are 40% more likely to get good grades.

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