6 Weeks Till Summer

It's hard to believe, but there are less than 6 weeks till summer! I know that lot's of moms are looking for some tips and motivation to get beach body ready! It's true that having a special date on a calendar can be very motivating. Just make sure that you have lot's of dates to keep you motivated all year long!

So, here are some summer tips for a leaner, healthier you!

1. Hydrate! Water is the one consistent recommendation to help you lose weight!

2. Increase Fiber! Fiber will help you feel full and will benefit your digestion.

3. Don't eat after 7. You will cut back on calories and give your body a chance to burn the day's intake.

4. Don't bite the white. Take out the starchy processed carbs like pasta, crackers, breads.

5. Leave a bite. At each meal, leave one bite over. These small savings in calories will add up.

6. Eat a rainbow. Get in a big variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

7. Get sweaty. Like every day! Try high intensity interval training to spark your metabolism.

8. Abstain from alcohol. Sorry, but the calories are empty and it reduces your motivation.

9. Get your zzzz. Not getting enough sleep will disrupt your fat burning hormones.

10. Track Success. Keep a food journal and track your goals! That which gets measured gets done!

What I want for you this summer is to feel confident and healthy. I want you to be able to participate in all of life's activities with your family. So, take some steps now to move more, eat cleaner and to appreciate your amazing body!

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